An Update

Ira Crain has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for Theft of >=$200,000.

You can see the Case File HERE.




My name is John Harris. I am one of the owners of Colony Ridge. My Partners and I have been purchasing lots in King’s Colony since early 2006. Since we have been involved with this subdivision we have discovered numerous problems with the current board and have become increasingly concerned about the mismanagement of funds paid by honest property owners. Ira Crain, acting on behalf of the board, has spent over $500,000.00 in POA funds in a very short time with almost no actual benefit to the owners of the subdivision. She has used her position on the board to her own benefit in many ways.

As you may know we have filed a lawsuit to force a fair election of a new board that will benefit all of King’s Colony Owners. We have created this website to inform other concerned property owners of the current situation involving this lawsuit and the current state of King’s Colony.

The Election

Who Is Colony Ridge, Ltd.


This section will be updated with the latest information on the election. More...


For more information on who Colony Ridge is and what they do, click here.

Land Transfer

Paving Scandal

Ira Crain transferred 8 King's Colony properties from the Property Owners Association to a company which she owns. More...

Ira Crain caused the POA to pay $74,849 for this paving job. More...


Kings Colony Today

Ira Crain had the POA pay $9,417 for a broken down tractor which it never used. More...

If you haven’t visited your property at King’s Colony recently, click 'more' for some pictures. More...