On October 16, 2006 Ira Crain, acting on behalf of the KCPOA, wrote three checks to David Goolsby for paving.  It appears that these checks were endorsed by Mr. Goolsby and cashed.

On October 27, 2006 she wrote three more checks from the KCPOA to Atascocita Paving for Paving.  These checks were also endorsed by David Goolsby.  They seem to have been deposited in a company account.  This brings the total paid for paving at King’s Colony to $74,849.

We asked a reputable contractor for bids to see what this type of job was worth.  Wiggins Paving and Material would do this job with 1 inch of asphalt for $42,000. 

The job done by David Goolsby and Atascocita Paving was not a thickness of one inch.

Within a few months the asphalt proved almost totally worthless.

Why would Ira Crain cause the POA to pay almost double for a worthless paving job?