August 3rd, 2007 - ELECTION RESULTS ARE IN.

We finally have results from the July 25th election.  There are several problems with the way that votes were counted and continued concerns that with the length of time that was taken to count the votes.  I’ll post more information as it comes in.

The announcement below is from the official POA website. 


New King's Colony Property Owner's Association is pleased to announce the election of the following individuals to serve on its Board of Directors for the coming year:

Bill Anderson, 
Anne Buckmaster
Travis Burnett
Roberto Canales
Ira Crain
Stephen Haase
Tina Nash 

The votes received by each of the directorial nominees at the July 25, 2007 members' meeting are as follows:

    Anne Buckmaster:     306
   Tina Nash:     304
   Stephen Haase: 296
   Ira Crain:     288
   Travis Burnett: 286
   Roberto Canales:     285
   Bill Anderson: 284
   Robin Lane:    277
   John Harris:   272
   Beth Ward:     268
   Trey Harris:   267
   Gina Lopez:    262


According to the agenda presented by Travis Burnett at the July 25th meeting the votes would be counted and new board members announced at the meeting on Wednesday night.  In fact, at most typical POA meetings, the new board would have a meeting among themselves after the election to elect officers and conduct any business that the board might need to address going forward.

It has been a week now and the supposed board still hasn’t announced the results.  How hard is it to count 33 ballots?  We have no way of knowing what is taking so long, but my guess is that the board is trying to justify enough votes on their side and disqualify enough votes on our side to get the results they want.

The board has provided copies of all ballots to our attorney but has not provided anything to show how the number of lots voted by each member was calculated.  For example, Travis Burnett, who owns only one lot, cast 165 votes.  We have no way of knowing if any of this information is reliable because there have been no proxies provided or proof that lots are owned by the voters.  We plan to ask the judge to force the POA to produce these documents so that we’ll all know the truth.   

Colony Ridge asked the court to stop the election on July 25th because we were sure that it wouldn’t be conducted fairly.  It looks like we’ll have to continue working through the court system to get the fair election that we asked for. 

A big thanks to everyone who helped by sending in Proxies and casting votes for us at the election.

July 20th, 2007 - JULY 25TH ELECTION.

The New King’s Colony POA board has scheduled a meeting and election for July 25th. It is very important that you either show up to vote or fax a proxy form to 936. 856.7958 so that you will be represented. With your help we can elect a board that will represent all King’s Colony owners equally and work, in accordance with the Bylaws, to improve the subdivision.

We have been informed by the POA attorney that the annual meeting will be held on July 25, 2007. According to him, the notices were sent on July 11, 2007. We think the short notice was designed to exclude certain owners, including us, from being eligible to vote. Please attend the meeting if at all possible so that you can vote for the board of your choice. If you are not able to attend the meeting, please fill out the proxy form and fax it to 936.856.7958 as soon as possible.

The current Board is in the process of making assessments and charging late fees that go back four or five years.  In addition they are charging folks more than the deed restrictions allow for, and in some cases are attempting to foreclose on lots for nonpayment of assessments.  If elected, it will be our position that all lot owners should be given a grace period in which to become current on the correct amount of assessments, during which time any late fees would be waived.  We also believe that a procedure should be put in place to allow any Member to contest the amount of any assessment so that a fair resolution of the issue can be reached by agreement if possible.

We also believe that the requirement in the Bylaws for two signatures on any POA expenditure should be followed instead of allowing one member of the Board to sign contracts and write checks.